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    Easily add captions to your slider!

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Increase Downloads

The quickest, most effect way to get more downloads is to give your visitors a good experience. Puree's interactive design is sure to pull them in, and increase your conversion / download rates.

Gadets & Gizmos

Puree includes all kinds of baked in goodies including tons of social icons, feature icons, and app store icons. Responsive video support, and even a lightbox!

Easy To Edit

With fully commented source and great documentation, Puree is a breeze to customize for even a noice web dev. Cut out the cost of a web designer for your next App and choose Puree!

App Love

People will love flicking around on your site on mobile devices with its touch sensitive slider, responsive design, and bright popping colors.

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Change your life, stop smoking. It's that easy with this beautiful app.

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